Workers' Comp Support

We Give You the Support You Need

Beach & O'Neill Insurance Associates does not take a "one size fits all" approach to servicing workers' compensation insurance. We understand that large accounts require special services because they are experience rated, have greater exposures to high hazards, and have dynamic workforces that are always changing in the field. How claims are managed on a large complex workers compensation account can make thousands of dollars of difference in premiums paid. These are some of our special services that help control workers compensation costs:    

  • Pre-employment assistance in regard to prior injury and claim matters and identifying required notices and postings.
  • Consultation on large losses prior to claim reporting.
  • Assistance with understanding workers compensation laws and OSHA reporting requirements.
  • Access to sample programs and policies including return to work programs, first aid programs &  injury and illness prevention programs and assistance with implementation to ensure the most effective results.
  • Review of experience modification worksheets and final premium audits to identify errors and revision opportunities.
  • Monitoring WCIRB changes affecting increases and decreases in experience rating.
  • Forecasting of experience modifications before the WCIRB formally rates an account so clients are aware of future mod increases or decreases.
  • Assistance in identifying and  accessing medical providers within a carrier's Medical Provider Network (MPN).
  • Monitor claim status and adjuster's plan of action to ensure claims are moving towards resolution and closure.
  • Identify needed actions and activities and recommend plans of action based on the current claim status.
  • Ongoing review of claim reserves to ensure reserves are  appropriate and accurately reflect claim costs and facilitate reductions  prior to unit statistical reporting.
  • Act as a liaison between the client and the adjuster, making recommendations for needed actions based on the current claim status.
  • Keep client's appraised of claim developments, activities and major milestones in the adjusting process.
  • Provide on site claims reviews depending on claims frequency or severity or underlying claims issues affecting an account.

It is common for clients to mistakenly judge their workers' compensation policy solely on the rate being paid under the policy.  This mistake can make a huge difference in the premium paid.  Here is the reason why:

A difference of 10% in an experience modifier on a premium of $100,000 can make a huge difference in premiums paid. We commonly get reserve takedowns prior to statutory due dates when losses are supposed to be reported to the WCIRB.  This is done via active claims management.  Every time we get a reserve reduction on an account that is experience rated, it saves our client's premium. This can add up to hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in savings. These savings generally occur during the next experience rating cycle and are independent of savings reflected in the current policy year. Failure to control claim reserves and costs only serve to increase your mod the following year. The valuable claims services we provide can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.