General Liability

When you want to protect your business from the high costs of third party lawsuits and unintentional accidents, general liability is an important part of your insurance risk management strategy. General Liability Insurance offers the basic foundation of coverage for your business no matter what services or products you provide.  Here at Beach & O'Neill Insurance Associates we write insurance for all types of business related risks. Our clients vary across all industries including construction, manufacturing, service and repair, institutional, retail, wholesale, transportation, finance, educational, health care, food services and many more.  Some industries have specialized insurance programs available only to a specific industry niche. If you are looking for insurance programs for a specific industry niche, please contact us and see how we can help.  We have access to hundreds of special programs and can help you find the right program for your business. 


What Does General Liability Insurance Cover?

Accidents can happen. For example, when a customer slips and falls at your place of business, the expenses can add up fast. When one small slip, trip, or fall brings a lawsuit to your front door, your general liability protection is there to help.  

General liability provides legal liability coverage for everyday business exposures including:

  • Claims made by third parties for bodily injury or property damage
  • Product liability type claims
  • Claims resulting from completed operations after products are put to their intended use
  • Personal and advertising injury type claims


Does Your Business Need General Liability?

For many businesses, one single lawsuit or accident can have a devastating effect on the company. Whether you are at fault or not, defending your business takes time and money away from you. 

At Beach & O’Neill Insurance Associates we know how important General Liability is to your business. We’re experienced in evaluating liability exposures, identifying risk and showing you how to protect your business.  Having the right insurance coverage for your business is crucial to growth and success. Don’t trust the safety and protection of your business to just anyone; let the experienced and knowledgeable agents at Beach & O’Neill Insurance Associates develop a general liability insurance program that is right for you.