RV Insurance

When you play as hard as you work, you want to protect the recreational vehicles that allow you and your family to relax, unwind, and make memories. That’s why RV insurance is the perfect solution to protect your special vehicles.  


What RV Insurance Covers

Before you head out to your next travel destination, you should know that your personal auto policy most likely isn’t going to cover your RV. That’s why you need RV insurance to protect your investment in vehicles such as:

  • Conventional (Class A) motorhomes
  • Professional and non-professional (Class A) bus conversions
  • Camper vans (Class B)
  • Mini motor homes
  • Fifth wheel trailers
  • Conventional trailers
  • Pop-up tent trailers
  • Recreational cargo trailers
  • Mounted truck campers

Whether you need motorhome insurance for the motorized recreational vehicles that offer living quarters, or travel trailer and camper insurance for the non-motorized living quarters you tow behind, we’ve got you covered.

Recreational vehicles are a unique combination of auto and home. That’s why RV insurance for your motorhome or travel trailer is unique, too. Your motorhome insurance and travel trailer insurance coverage includes:

  • Personal belongings coverage for you clothing, outdoor gear, appliances and electronics that you keep inside your RV.
  • Liability coverage for bodily injury or property damage you are legally responsible for because of ownership, maintenance, or use of your covered recreational vehicle.
  • Lodging and travel expenses if your RV is damaged and needs repairs during your travels.

Let Beach & O’Neill Insurance Associates find the perfect insurance solution to protect your RVs. Our in depth industry knowledge and decades of experience give us a variety of insurance products to protect the things you care about. We can find the perfect level of coverage at the best price available so you can spend more time traveling and exploring the open road, and less time worrying about an unexpected event.