Automobile Insurance

No matter where the road takes you, make sure you’re protected with the right kind of automobile insurance coverage. Not only does auto insurance protect you from the costs of an accident that leads to bodily injury or property damage; in most states it’s required by law.

No matter how safe of a driver you are, or how well you obey the rules of the road, some day you may find yourself at fault for an auto accident. When that happens, you’ll look to your auto insurance for protection.  We are used to writing policies for teenage drivers, drivers with tickets and accidents and clean drivers that are eligible for preferred rates.  Regardless of your situation, we have a market that will work for you.  


What Does Automobile Insurance Cover?

The amount of coverage you choose for your auto policy mostly depends on your specific needs.  These factors can include using high insurance limits to protect personal assets from claims brought by third parties, the type of car you choose to drive, or even your specific driving habits.  Because everyone has different coverage situations, the type of auto insurance you choose to purchase is most likely to include one or more of the following coverages:

Bodily Injury Liability
If you are "at fault" in an accident that results in bodily injury to another party, liability coverage will protect you against a lawsuit brought on by the injured party.  Because hospital treatment and surgical costs can be high, it is important to consider purchasing adequate liability limits when purchasing auto coverage.

Property Damage Liability
Whether it’s someone else’s car, a fence, building, or other structure, property damage liability is there to cover the costs of your car damaging somebody else’s property.

Uninsured Motorist
Not everyone adheres to the law, and you may find yourself in an accident caused by an uninsured motorist. Or you may be involved in an incident with an underinsured motorist who doesn’t have sufficient coverage to pay for your total loss. In these or other scenarios, such as a hit and run incident, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage acts as a safety net for you.

Medical Payments
If a passenger is injured while riding in a vehicle, the passenger's medical expenses may be covered no matter who is at fault. 

Comprehensive Coverage
Not all auto insurance claims arise from an accident caused by a collision. If your car is stolen, vandalized, or damaged by fire, hail, or falling objects, comprehensive coverage may cover the cost to repair or replace the vehicle with like kind and quality.

Collision Coverage
If your car is damaged as a result of an accident, roll over, or even from hitting a pothole, collision coverage may reimburse you for the cost of repairs needed to fix your car -- even if the accident was your fault.

Rental Car Coverage
Provides coverage in the event your covered auto is in an accident and you need to rent a vehicle while it is being repaired.


Beach & O’Neill Insurance Associates has been representing leading auto insurance companies for over 60 years and we are experienced with the risks you face on the road.  We have multiple auto insurance carriers to choose from and we can even package your auto with your home to save you money. There are many types of enhancements you can get as part of your auto insurance policy including examples such as: OEM replacement parts coverage, lease gap coverage, roadside assistance, or special types of valuations for classic or show cars.  Because auto insurance can be customized to your specific needs, please contact our office to see how we can help you choose the right type of auto insurance for your specific situation.