Commercial Auto

When you want to protect your construction vehicles from the risks of the road, commercial auto is the answer. From the personal vehicles that double as work trucks, to entire fleets of autos driven by your employees, we can help you find the right coverage for your commercial auto exposure.


Commercial Auto Coverage for Contractors

Is it a personal vehicle or a work vehicle?  For many contractors, subcontractors, and skilled tradespersons, the answer may often be “both.” But if you are relying on your personal auto policy to cover the car, truck, van, or SUV that you use for your construction business, you may be leaving yourself exposed.

Generally, only commercial auto can protect your vehicle if you get into an accident while using your auto for work purposes.  If you are on your way to a project site transporting your tools and equipment in a mounted tool box or towed trailer and you are involved in an accident, your personal auto policy may not cover your claim if the vehicle is being used for business.  Even if you send one of your subcontractors out in your truck to pick up lunch for the crew, your personal policy may deny a claim in the event an accident occurs.


Does Your Construction Business Need Commercial Auto?

If you use your personal vehicle for work purposes such as driving to and from project sites or transporting your tools and equipment, you may need commercial auto coverage. If you let your employees use your vehicle for work purposes such as picking up materials from a warehouse or supplier and bringing them to the project site, you should have commercial auto.

For construction business owners, commercial auto covers the autos that are owned, non-owned, and rented or leased.  This includes owned and non-owned vehicles that are being used by employees in the course of business.  If you have a fleet of vehicles, the answer is clear: commercial auto provides the broadest coverage for the autos your construction company owns.

Beach & O’Neill Insurance Associates can help you determine if you need commercial auto insurance to cover your vehicles, and what the right coverage is for the vehicles you use in your construction business. From collision to uninsured motorist coverage, to coverage for "any auto," we can offer you high quality protection for your business vehicles at affordable premiums.