Other Coverage

Other Types of Coverage and Industry

Your business has specific insurance needs based on the industry you specialize in and the type of operations you perform.  Because a "one-size-fits all" insurance approach does not give your business the individualized protection it needs, you need an insurance broker that can help find the right type of insurance coverage in order for your business to grow and thrive in the marketplace.

We have been helping businesses custom tailor insurance solutions for over 60 years, and our experience in the insurance marketplace allows us to provide a wide variety of insurance solutions for business owners in every industry imaginable.

So when you need coverage to protect your investments and business assets, let us help you find the right policies to fit your business.

There are hundreds of types of coverage that are not detailed on our website.  From protection against data breaches and cyber liability, to insurance protection for your organization’s directors and officers; from obscure types of coverage like kidnap and ransom insurance to commercial crime coverage, we have an insurance solution for you.

Specialty insurance products for acupuncturists, car washes, convenience stores, funeral homes, grocery stores, golf courses, motels, storage units, and more can protect your business from the risks specific to your industry. At Beach & O’Neill Insurance Associates we know how to find the right insurance program for your specific business.  Running a business is hard enough, getting insurance coverage to protect it doesn’t need to be complicated when you have us on your side to help.